How to Remove a Director in Pakistan

This Article will guide you on How to Remove a Director in Pakistan from a Company.

Directors run the Company and play key role in meeting the needs of shareholders and other stakeholders. Members may be unhappy with some of the directors, so they may decide to remove them. But members have to pass a resolution in the EOGM (Extra Ordinary general meeting).

Procedure for removal of director in private limited and public listed company

The affected director can save his or her directorship by getting votes against the said resolution. How much votes he or she needs to save, can be explained below:

  1. Appointed director – by passing resolution. Affected director can save himself by securing votes against this resolution equal to the minimum number of votes a director secured to become director in the last election.
  2. If the director was appointed to fill casual vacancy, then he has to secure votes = Paid up capital/ number of directors for the time being to win against the resolution against himself.