Essay on Traffic Problems in a Big City in English

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How to Fix Traffic Problems in Your Big City

When you think of big cities, you probably picture a sea of yellow cabs, a city that never sleeps, and an endless stream of traffic. Big cities get clogged with traffic on a regular basis. Cities have always been home to people looking to make their mark on the world in one way or another. From the ancient days of Rome to the modern era of New York City, it seems that big cities attract ambitious individuals willing to leave behind the small town life for something much bigger and brighter. But what these great thinkers don’t tend to take into account when making these decisions is how big new city will handle its growing population.

If you’ve ever had to drive through a large city in rush hour traffic, you already know that the experience is not fun. In fact, it is horrible! However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The truth is, most of the time, the traffic on roads leading through big cities is caused by too many people attempting to drive through the same areas. It’s not necessarily because there are more cars on the road. it’s because the cars themselves are moving too slowly to keep traffic moving. Of course, if you’re living in a big city and you’re a daily driver, you might not be quite so optimistic about the situation. You might think that a major city like New York, London, Karachi or New Delhi is just destined to be congested all the time. While it’s true that large cities will always be clogged with a lot of traffic, you can play your part to ease the problem a little.

There are actually a lot of factors that cause city traffic to slow down, but the two most common are increasing population and inadequate infrastructure. As more and more people move to urban cities and start driving on city roads, the more congested the already-busy intersections and city streets become. If you’ve ever been to a large city during rush hour, you know that it can be almost impossible to avoid getting stuck in traffic. While this can be frustrating at time, it actually makes sense. When there are more people on the road, even though each individual car might be going at a relatively slow speed, it takes longer for all those cars to get through an intersection. The more cars there are on the road, the more likely there are to be accidents and other problems.

The following tips can help you in solving the above issues:

  • Take public transportation: The great thing about public transportation is that it helps reduce the amount of cars on the road while also getting you where you need to go. – Schedule your life around rush hour – You might not be able to avoid being stuck in traffic every day, but you can try to avoid getting stuck at the worst times of day. If you can avoid being on the road between 7 and 10 AM and 4 and 7 PM, you might be able to avoid getting stuck in traffic. – Avoid driving during bad weather – If a storm is coming, you might want to consider staying indoors. Bad weather often causes accidents and lots of traffic, and you don’t want to become part of the problem.

Come up with a Long-Term Plan for Bigger Problems

One common problem that causes city traffic to slow down is inadequate infrastructure. What this means is that there are major intersections or roads in need of repair or expansion. This can seriously impede the flow of traffic through busy areas, causing countless drivers to get stuck sitting in gridlock. If you’re a city planner, you can help ease the problem by ensuring that major intersections and roads are up to standard. Of course, this takes time and money, but it’s necessary if you want to keep your city moving. If you’re just a regular driver and commuter, you can help by keeping an eye on your city government and letting them know that you support more infrastructure spending. Letting your local leaders know that you care about their city enough to want them to fix the problems will help them know that it’s important to the voters.

Get to know your city and its people better

While we’ve already covered some ways to ease traffic congestion within your city, there’s another solution that can help: getting to know your city and its people better. Big cities tend to become home to individuals of all different types. With so many people within one area, it’s inevitable that there will be some differences of opinion among residents. These differences can sometimes lead to road rage or other aggressive acts while driving. If you get to know your fellow city dwellers better, you might be able to avoid some of these problems. If you know that a fellow driver is trying to get their kids to soccer practice or that they have a doctor’s appointment to get to, you can be more understanding when they’re driving a little slower than you’d like.


Big cities are always going to get clogged with traffic, but you can do your part to keep some of the congestion away by following these tips. Avoid driving during rush hour, take public transportation when possible, and get to know your fellow city dwellers better. By doing so, you can help keep city traffic from slowing you down too much.