Lahori Room Cooler Price in Pakistan 2023

The summer season in Pakistan has approached and people are trying their best to get some relief from the hot weather. One of the cheapest options is Lahori Room Coolers.

Lahori Room Cooler Price in Pakistan

Like any other product, there are various quality coolers available in the market. Some are made with plastic material while others are made with steel or even iron. Though the plastic body is good for problems such as rust and electric shock, this is not as effective as the metal body Lahore ones.

The horsepower of the machine and the space of the tank for filling the water are the key factors while analyzing the performance of the cooler. As the weather in most parts of Pakistan is humid, then you have to keep your room fully ventilated. Often people keep their rooms closed and run the room cooler in a closed environment. Unlike AC, your room does not get fresh air from outside and the available air gets warm within a few minutes.

Price: 6,000/- Rupees
Rs. 10,000