Primary Science Level 5 New Oxford Solved Exercises

Level 5 is a last class of Primary section and as such Primary Science is the main topic. Written by Nicholas Horsburgh, this new oxford science book is very help as it provides solved exercises as well as can be used as a teaching guide.

Unit 1 The Brain and Nerves


  1. Choose the correct answer:

i) b.brain ii) d. all of these iii) d. involuntary actions iv) d. epidermis v) b. re-grow

2. Match column with correct term in column B

i) c. motor nerves ii) e. medulla iii) a. aptic nerve iv) b. iris v) d. retina

3. Fill in the blanks:

i) ear drum ii) chemical iii) taste buds iv) medulla v) pupil vi) nervous vii) nervous viii) cerebrum, medulla, cerebellum ix) blood

5. i) cerebrum ii) cerebrum iii) cerebrum iv) cerebrum v) cerebrum vi) cerebrum vii) cerebrum viii) cerebellum ix) medulla x) cerebellum xi) medulla xii) medulla

7. Answer these questions:

i) There are two types of nerves: motor nerves and sensory nerves ii) Function of Sensory nerves : The Sensory nerves carry signals from the sense organs to the brain on the spinal cord. iii) actions where you do not stop to think are called Reflex actions. These are controlled by the spinal cord. vi) when light rays reflect off an object and enter the eye through cornea, then you can see objects. v) there are three parts of the brain: cerebrum – this controls voluntary action, cerebellum – it controls the balance and movement of the muscle, medulla -it controls involuntary actions. vi) There are multiple reasons for reduction in blood supply resulting in feeling faint and dizzy. Our body helps in a way that it distributes the present/ available minimal supply of blood to all the vital organs just to keep them alive. vii) smell dissolve are the moist lining of the nostrils. The nerves carry a message to the brain and we can detect the smell. viii) It is a reflex action and spinal cord instructs the hand to move away from hot plate and then brain knows about the action happened.