Provident Fund Registration in Sindh

Document required for Provident Fund Registration in Sindh, Pakistan

Documentation varies depending upon the nature of the organization. As a general rule of procedure, you have to submit following documents:

Application form – like any other sort of matters, you have to apply through a proper form. You can get this from Registrar office trust registration wing.

  1. MOA and AOA – These are two most important documents of the Company. Actually these are constitution over which organization operated, controlled and managed.

COI (Certificate of incorporation) – this is issued by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

National tax number (NTN) – This is issued by Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). In order to bring an organization into the tax regime, this is one of the basic thing.

Bank details – complete information about the Company’s bank account is also needed to do registration of Provident fund in Sindh. This includes bank name, account title, account number (IBAN), branch code and name.

List of directors and trustees – You have to submit details of all directors and the management. Management includes representatives from top officials of the company and labour. These are called trustees and one of the trustee is appointed as managing trustee.

List of employees – complete details of employees is also submitted with the PF registration form. This should mention name, title, salary and joining dates.

Authority letter – a person or party dealing on behalf of the company must get power of attorney from the company. Otherwise, Government officials will not entertain you for PF registration in Pakistan.

Audited FS – Make sure your application for registration must accompany financial statements audited by Chartered Accountant firm approved by Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan or by Chartered Management Accountant approved by Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan.

Registration of Provident Fund in Sindh is a tedious task and requires good dealing skills with Government officials. If you are looking to get your PF or GF (Gratuity Fund) registered in the province of Sindh, you may contact us by dropping an email at or Whatsapp at 0310-0019175.